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Andrew Holmes

Clinical Social Worker, MSW, RSW



Your past does not have to define your future. You are not doomed to repeat the same mistakes. You have another story waiting to be lived. Are you ready?


Parents & Partners of Transgender Folx

When a loved one comes out to us we go through a process ourselves.  Together we create a space for your thoughts, emotions and beliefs to be heard. Your questions are welcomed here.



Supervision focuses on intentional reflection, self-awareness, and addressing issues which interfere with your ability to be your best self with your clients. 



Groups are a great way to learn, grow and explore various topics. Groups can focus on corporate change or personal change. Check out our selection of group experiences available

Therapy Sessions
My Approach

As a therapist my approach is holistic, always mindful of the mind, body, heart and soul connection. I draw from the wisdom of trauma informed practice, attachment based theory, relational therapy, IFS informed and life experiences.


As a supervisor I support practitioners as they develop an awareness of themselves, the work they do and impact this has in their lives. I work alongside each practitioner as they grow in awareness, skills and strengths that they bring to their work. 


As a facilitator I am engaging, energetic and encourage participants to develop tools that bring about lasting change and growth for themselves and their organizations.

About me

As a queer transgender clinical social worker, I have 19 years of experience working with individuals, groups and organizations. My life's work is to help individuals, couples, groups and organizations grow into the fullness of who they are and how they live in the world. 

Next Steps

I am here to help. You don't have to be alone. Together we can change things around. For a free 30 min phone consultation please send an email to


Ask yourself: Am I ready to do healing work?


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